Baby Massage

otoc2picBaby Massage is a lovely way of bonding and connecting with your baby or toddler. By coming to a Baby Massage course, or having one-to-one sessions in your home, you can learn simple massage techniques that you can use at home as part of your daily routine with your child.

When should I start Baby Massage?

You can start Baby Massage with any age baby, including premature babies (with the consent of your midwife/Health Visitor/Neonatal team) and can continue this as your child grows. Most┬ábaby massage classes are suited to non-crawling babies (usually 0 – 6 months). If your baby is crawling, or if you’d like to massage an older child, you may find that a one-to-one session is more appropriate. We also offer Postnatal one-to-one sessions where we visit you at home in the early weeks after your baby is born to offer baby massage/yoga and postnatal yoga routines suited to your needs.

What are the benefits of Baby Massage?

Baby Massage has been shown to soothe and calm babies and to help with conditions such as colic, constipation, wind, colds, teething and birth-related conditions such as wry neck and stiff legs (common in breech babies). It also reduces post-natal depression in mothers.

Massaging your baby can make you feel more relaxed and connected with your baby, especially for Dads who may feel left out if Mum is breastfeeding, or feel less confident about handling their baby. Ask us about our Dads only classes.

What do I need to bring?

When you book a course with us (or at least two one-to-one sessions), your course price includes a Baby Massage mat (suitable for Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, nappy changing and nappy free-time) and some Baby Massage oil. You need to bring your baby dressed in something that’s easy to remove (e.g. a poppered sleepsuit) and bring a change of clothes, spare nappies and anything else that your baby may need. You should wear something comfortable that won’t be damaged by massage oil.

After Your Baby Massage Course

Between classes and afterwards we recommend that you build Baby Massage into your daily routine with your baby and try to practise at least 2 – 3 times a week. Each session will usually last up to 20 minutes and you can also add in a few Baby Massage strokes to other parts of your life with your baby, such as nappy changes, bath time and even when you’re feeding your baby (foot massage can be especially relaxing).

Baby Massage classes will run in Cottenham from Spring 2014, contact us for more details.