Classes for Pregnancy

Birth Preparation Classes

Our range of workshops and classes help you to prepare for the birth of your baby. Couples, including lesbian couples, and single women (attending on their own or with a friend or birth partner) are very welcome to attend these classes. If you have a special requirement or request, please contact me.

What our happy customers are saying:

“During my second pregnancy I was more nervous of the impending labour.  I attended a one-to-one session with Victoria, having got to know her through yoga classes.  I felt immediately at ease talking to Victoria, she allowed me to lead the conversation and entered in with advice and her thoughts whenever they were needed.  I felt very comforted at the time and afterwards and found things Victoria had said to me put my labour into place and I was able to understand much better what had happened and the experience I had had.

Victoria is highly qualified with both professional and personal experience and I wholly recommend her one-to-one sessions, and indeed, any of her classes.  Victoria is just what you need to get you through a pregnancy – the perfect antidote!” Katie, Mum of two