One to One Classes

otoc1picOne-to-one Antenatal classes are also available for couples who can’t attend group classes or who would prefer to talk about their birth plans in depth on their own. These last for 2 hours and take place in the couple’s home at a cost of £50. Please enquire about one-to-one classes.


otoc2picAfter the birth of your baby, a home Postnatal one-to-one session can offer Postnatal Yoga stretches, which can help you to regain your strength after the birth of your baby; Baby Massage and Baby Yoga techniques which can help you connect with your baby and help wth colic, sleeplessness and many other things that affect small babies. You can book a one-to-one as soon after the birth of your baby as you like. Please enquire about one-to-one postnatal sessions.

What our happy customers are saying:

“During my pregnancy I had really enjoyed and benefited from Bumps to Babies antenatal yoga and had taken Ned a few times to baby yoga over the summer. He absolutely loves it when I’m singing to him and seemed to relax and enjoy being moved about to the actions of the songs. I thought that perhaps some focused yoga movements aimed at helping Ned with his neck and shoulders might be a productive and more importantly fun way to gently ease any tension he may have. Ned really enjoys the routines Victoria suggested and they easily slot into his playtime or more recently his bedtime routine. He now recognises the songs and gets excited about what is coming next. As Ned has grown and begun to crawl, we keep doing the movements and songs simply because he enjoys them so much!”
Rachel, Mum to Ned